Sunday, May 22, 2005


i was watching an arab channel MBC and Sheikh Hamza Yusef's show called "Yalla Ya Shabab" on. There was a clip of his speech that he gave at ISNA and during the speech there were shots of the crowd. To my surprise, Ms. Sunshiney Kitty's face came up not once, or twice, but THREE times. It wasn't the camera just sweeping the crowd, it was a straight up head shot for about 10 sec. each time. Her beauty is being broadcasted across the entire middle east and in all the arab homes in america that have a dish. Talk about an advertisement(for free)!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


ok...if you are reading this then follow these instructions:

scroll down and start reading the posts from the first one dates May 12, 2001 and read up. it will make a lot more sense.

i accidently...posted in the wrong order. sorry.
Gooood morning.....adorable!!! Posted by Hello
Akram...with george. Posted by Hello He took him to school for show and tell. Those were the days!!
restaurant again Posted by Hello
restaurant Posted by Hello
This is the view that we had at our table. Posted by Hello
We went to this restaurant called Sail Island. Beautiful view. Wonderful food. Nice company. Posted by Hello
randomness Posted by Hello
..corniche Posted by Hello
On the Corniche Posted by Hello
Noor Posted by Hello
And this is the masjid right across the street from the house...the adhan is really loud. Thankfully...u never miss a prayer. Posted by Hello
This is the view off the roof. Posted by Hello


This is the roof of the house. My parents made it so we could use it as a multi-purpose area. The weather has been extremely beautiful here...about in the 80s. I am often in the sun during the day reading up here. The other night we chilled here. We brought up a table and chairs from about adhan for Isha prayer....which was amazing to hear...until about 12am. Nice family bonding Posted by Hello


I finally have been taking pictures so i am going to post random things so everyone can get an idea of what i have been doing and where i am. ( and yes lululee... trust me i am not over exerting myself at allllll)

Lala2000 was interested in my tent. So here it is...the tent that I call bedroom Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Its been really hectic around here but yet at the same time its not. My grandmother is still here and all they have been doing is cooking. They made 3 kinds of kibe(a meat pastry) today. All have different kind of meat inside and are different shapes and sizes. They were literally in the kitchen all day. When I got up and they were at the grocery store buying stuff. So I worked out and chilled for a bit. Then, we ate breakfast. They started the kibe and I went upstairs to read, I also watched a movie called Murder at 1600. It was pretty interesting. By the time I was all finished and dressed, it was time for dinner. After that, my sister and I took the kids to this play area for a couple hours. We went to this place called Tahlia Shopping Mall. It is a pretty high-end mall with lots expensive stores. They have stores like Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Esprit, Swatch. Basically its all pretty expensive but nice stuff. On the 3rd floor, they have a food court and a whole area for kids to play games…kinda like a chucky cheese. The kids had fun.

The weather is extremely nice, its perfect…not hot or cool. I am loving it. Hopefully it will stay this way. We went to the beach last night, it was extremely beautiful. It was really windy and about 75 degrees, right before the sunset. The shore was mostly large rocks and there was a pretty masjid on the shore. It was picturesque. When it was time, we heard the athan while watching the sea. I forgot to take the camera, but next time I go I will take it for sure.

Jeddah has changed a lot since the last time I was here. You see a lot of non-hijabis and a lot less people covering their face. Also, the younger guys do not really wear the white tobes (dresses). When we went to the beach, there were a lot of people running in shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. It was interesting.

There is Cinnabon here!! Yummmmy. There was also one in the Jordan Airport. Someone unfortunately told me in the US that they have some pork ingredient. Hmm, I wonder if its true. I rather eat in bliss…keep your information to yourself. ;)

Tomorrow the weekend starts, the weekends are on Thursday and Friday here. I think my mom, dad, and grandma are going to Mecca. I am going to stay here with my sister so she isn’t at home by herself all weekend. I don’t know what we are going to do or where we are going to go. Something fun I hope!

OH yess…one more thing. We bought Indian Mangos….and they tasted like perfume. We don’t know if the seller cheated us and they were not really Indian mangos….but they tasted very weird. I am very disappointed! I am on the search for real good mangos.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

dial up ruins everything

hello hello from the land of the saudis. Alhamdulilah I got here safe and sound after an extremely long 27 hours of travelling. As soon as I got to JFK airport and was checking into my flight on Royal Jordanian Airlines, it was if I was already in a middle eastern country. Women with extremely tight clothes on, dark lipliner with a light color lipstick, loud loud talking, children, children, lack of directions or following them, and more children.

ok...i'm pissed. I just wrote the really long entry...and then the internet stopped working. I thought i saved it and it didn't save. should i write all of it again. i really don't want to. blaaaaaaah. maybe I'll write some of it.

so is expensive as heck at the airport. i was going to buy a regular cold turkey sandwich for dinner and it was $8! then i was going to buy a mocha and it was 5$. stupid monopoly. ( see i am still annoyed that i am writing this again, you do not have a friendly writer at the moment.) you know what...this is all boring info. maybe food isnt expensive and i just thought it was. i am not writing it again. to make a long story short. travelling took a long time especially with arabs. saudi night weather is nice. i am happy to be with my parents. the house is nice. my closet is organized without my doing it. (yay)

i'll check in later.bye.

Monday, April 25, 2005


I worked out twice today. Let me repeat that....TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why, I don't know. It was I guess my own choice because no one, not even my expensive and experienced trainer, could move my legs around the track 14 times. yes..let me repeat that....FOURTEEN TIMES. Lets do the math...14 divided by 4 is 3.5....I ran 3.5 miles. I had done some kickboxing earlier in the day practicing with two imaginary was fun. The sad part is if I knew that my 40 mins with my friend Kathy Smith and Keith Cook was only the beginning of my workout today, I probably wouldnt of had fun or had any motivation to do it. While running, my trainer lapped me not once but twice...yess it was sad. I ran a mile in the time he did 1.5...oh well. To make it more interesting, we were running with a group of 4th-8th graders on the track. Little people running faster than me. They kept looking at the hijabi running in a lot of clothes...maybe they were confused, scared, or amused. No fartlach/fartlicks today...just running. I decided I like them better than a staight run because you get some breaks and can slow down. All i gotta say is I better see some damn results!! (inshallah)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Me too!!!!!

Soooo I finally am joining the rest of you and getting my own blog!!! I got extremely jeolous you cool cats who are already blogging and decided that I should attempt to entertain you all with my very very interesting life. I also agree with sunshineykittens that it is a good outlet to keep in touch. So here I am, Mrs. B to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!

The main reason I created this blog is to give you recipes so you know what i am eating, or lack there of. ( I secretly really want to go to Scottsdale Arizona Culinary Institute and learn the techniques of Le Cordon Bleu. The commercial says it cool and hot!!!!) Maybe I really dont want to be a dentist...maybe i wanna be a chef in a 4 star restaurant like adam sandler in Spanglish. He seemed to have a nice, lavish lifestyle. A major plus of being a chef...or at least some of them, is that you dont have to go to work early( which means sleeeeeping in, my favorite thing in the whole wide world besides eating, my husband, parents, and amos.) But i guess you have to come home awfully late, which sucks too.

Oh yea...and I also want to log in about my upcoming trip to Saudi of Arabia where I am going to visit my oh so wonderful parents and sister. Due to memory loss, I will be able to say everything interesting immediately. If I wait until I come back... all stories remembered will probably be boring and extremely short.

Word of caution...I am not a good speller, I often write runon sentences, use punctuation in the wrong places, use ... way to much, and my writing does not usually flow very well. I apologize in advance.